“I’ve personally seen how student loan debt can destroy a young adult’s chances at financial independence just because of the social pressure to go to college and get an advanced degree, even if these undergraduate degrees mean jack shit in today’s job market. Please, anyone who has not yet signed this petition, I don’t usually believe that signing petitions will get anyone anywhere, but this is one cause I believe in so strongly that I can’t let it go. Please sign this.

For all the guys and gals who worked their asses off in college on student loans, yet are now desperately working retail while living at home as their paper diplomas collect dust, we need to fight the system.

I don’t think any bill or any legislation will ever completely forgive student loan debt. But any way for those in debt to apply for any partial forgiveness under qualifying conditions would be a huge step in the right direction. As it stands now, even bankruptcy doesn’t escape student loan debt.”